28 July 2012
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The rise of social media in retail

As the social media has rapidly developed for the last 5 years, it has now become a belief that social meida has play a vital rule in reatil. There is established networks like Facebook, Twitter  but also upstarts such as Digg, Pinterest or Instagram. This new ecosystem forces retailers to spend time and money and  invest in different social networks. But instead of just looking at networks they should consider building their own branded community with a large user base . The technology is here, social is well established and so is e-commerce, but some retailers are still not aware of this integrating process. Retailers really need to start to develop successful social e-commerce strategies.  One thing is certain, social commerce is here and retailers need to incorporate it into their business right now.



  •  By 2016, Australians are expected to spend $26.9 billion on the internet.
  •  59 per cent of online shoppers who bought from overseas-based retailers said lower prices were the main driver.
  •  The strong Australian dollar was also encouraging consumers to spend via the web.
  •  45 per cent of online expenditure goes overseas.
  •  Mobile devices are being used increasingly for internet shopping, with 34 per cent saying they have shopped that way in the past year

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